SCORAD is a validated composite score which allows the physician to assess the severity of the patient’s eczema. An assessment score helps the physician to better manage and treat the patient. This new application takes into account the differences between three skin types: white, dark and asian skin and offers the possibility to take photos of the significant lesions. Moreover this application can export the patient data in Excel or Pdf file in order to file the calculated SCORAD in the medical records.

This application allows you to complete a rapid assessment during consultations and save your patients’ SCORAD with every visit.

You can refer to the illustrations, if necessary, when scoring symptoms (fair skin, dark skin and Asian skin).

If you wish, you can use the illustrations to teach patients how to recognize their symptoms.

With this application, you can export patients’ overall SCORAD by e-mail in order to complete their dossier.

This application allows you to export data in html format (to be converted into .xls) if your patient’s SCORAD is a study endpoint.

The SCORAD was created and validated by the European Task Force on Atopic Dermatitis.

SCORAD© and PO-SCORAD©are registered trademarks. The Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis holds and manages user rights pertaining to the use of the SCORAD and PO-SCORAD application.
The tool, the SCORAD application and its illustrations were designed and created with the collaboration of Prof. Jean-François Stalder.
When conducting clinical studies, users of the SCORAD tool must abide by the "Charter for using the SCORAD tool during clinical studies" and must send the associated form. Please contact

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A tool for evaluating eczema

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